Create. No excuses.

Last Thursday, I had planned an outing to photograph...well, whatever was around me! Basically, just a day to explore and photograph with no plans or agenda. 

The bummer part of this story is that rain decided to come along for the ride (all day). 

{Insert lazy thoughts of staying in, reading a good book and possibly fit in a nap}

After staring outside for a couple minutes, I thought, "Why would I let the weather ruin the creative process?" I mean, seriously? What's not to love (minus the freezing temps and rain)?

Rain definitely adds to scenery. Landscapes become foggy and defused, moss and plants begin to drip their atmospheric invaders and brown plain ground becomes moving earth. 

What is your 'rain'? Is it physical rain sometimes? Maybe your equipment isn't 'good enough'. Many times, it is time itself. So, here's my challenge for you in February:

DO NOT LET THE RAIN (insert your roadblock for the day here) STOP YOU.  Express yourself, run after that idea and conquer your hesitation. You'll thank yourself later. {More images below}