A cruel disease

Cancer. Lyme Disease. Diabetes. Heart disease. The world doesn't lack disease. Many are avoidable, some genetic but the others attack without warning. 

Two decades have past since we lost my grandmother to Alzheimer's. It robbed her of many things but the slow deterioration of her memory hurt the worst. I wasn't exactly mature enough to process the disease quite to the point I can today. But I was plenty old enough to know what was happening. 

My grandmother didn't know me.

My face doesn't register. 

She doesn't even recognize her husband and children. 

No one deserves to watch their loved one melt away to their core human form; devoid of themselves. 

All of these experiences were sad for me but imagine how my dad, grandfather, aunts and uncles felt, watching their mother and wife wilt. 

I know this disease can be cured. Even when my grandmother was completely gone, she still would show a glimmer of herself at times. Even when those she loved were lost from her memory, she never forgot my father. She smiled when he walked in the room. Call it random memory loss if you like. I call it hope. 

This October, my family and friends are taking part in the fight to cure Alzheimer's. We're taking part in the walk to raise awareness and donations to find a cure. 

If you can find it in your heart to donate even a few dollars, please do. Every donate will help. 

Our team has a very reachable goal of $1000 and I have a personal goal of $500. 

Please consider being part of hope. More information and the official Alzheimer's association donation page linked to my team are below. 


Thank you for reading, 

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