The power of self realization. Goals, organization and your mind.

Who are you and what are you capable of accomplishing? 

No motivational speech from some hack in a Holiday Inn express, I promise. 

When was the last time you simply stopped, took a few moments and truly evaluated yourself? Am I accomplishing what I want to accomplish? Am I going about it the right way? Why are my goals not being met, personally or professionally? 

Hard questions can result in tough truths. 

If you're smashing goal after goal then the below isn't really for you. Delete as needed or read along. 

A few items to consider when empowering your ability to self perceive: 

1. Are you aiming? 

- Sometimes we forget to actually AIM for something; a tangible goal you can see and touch. Don't wonder aimlessly through work or personal goals. Write a giant goal with many steps down on paper, make a tree with branches with each branch representing small steps to accomplish the larger goal at the root. As you conquer branch after branch, you'll be at the root before you know it. Use organizational tools like Evernote and Todoist. 

2. Where's the time to think? 

- Stopping to simply stop. Being still. The power of doing nothing; just being. Ideas and the ability to focus on thoughts long forgotten happen during this time. Take the 10 or 20 minutes to let your mind be free from worry. If your mind focuses on details, write it down and deal with it in due time. 

3. The power of 'done'. 

- You may have used this technique. Give it a try. Every time you complete a small task (sending a long email, filing a set of papers, setting up a conference call, setting up a light, you fill in the blank), simply say to your self in your head "Done". It's powerful. Simple, yet powerful. Motivation to keep working and moving forward. 

4. Learn, listen and act. 

- Education should never stop; SEVERAL things of note, detailed information, antidotes, etc. every single day. Whoever first said, "You learn something every day" should've actually said "If you don't learn several things a day and teach at least one person something new, the day is wasted." But that doesn't have the same ring to it, huh? 

5. Lastly, the power of music is real.

- If you need to focus, crank up the jazz. If you are jogging, rock out. I always set the soundtrack of my life to the moment. 

Go dominate your day,