Do you love your job? If not, it's killing you

We all want to love our jobs, right? I mean who really wants a job they hate? Raise your hand...I'll wait. 

Inc. recently published an article referencing studies into the love of work (or hate of said job). 

You can read the article here: Inc. 

Highlights from the article:

Happy equals healthy; seems common sense enough. 

A great job = community ties. People are generally more eager to collaborate with happy and confident, not perceived misery. GO HOME MR. GRINCH. 

A purpose. I will never retire, by the way. It's way too obvious boredom as we age equals six feet under, in my opinion. 

LESS STRESS!!! Stress is the killer we all forget about sometimes. 

Being challenged assists in maintaining mental sharpness. Sudoku need not apply. Although, I love a good word search.

If you don't LOVE your job, maybe it's time to evaluate your situation. Perhaps there's a way to make your current situation less stressful, more challenging or create a bit more fun. If not, we only live once...

Advice: You know that hobby you are passionate about? Research how you can slowly monetize your passion and maybe, just maybe, you can walk out on that stressful job one day. 

No horsing around! Good luck!