Giving it away and Giving back

Photographers. Artist. Teachers. Doctors. You. 

We all have some type of skill set. Yes, you use this craft to make money or accomplish life goals but there should be a point in your life when you stop and ask yourself, "How can I help someone else?"

It's a question that most ignore with excuses: Work is crazy. There's just no time. I'm not sure how to start? It's just too hard.  

While a lot of those reasons are legit, from time to time they just can't stick.

At some point all of us are presented with an opportunity to help others. Let's put this in perspective for a moment. 

- You worked 55 hours this week

- The kids have violin practice, soccer and a birthday party to attend this week (oh, and a gift to buy)

- The washer is acting up and you need someone to fix it but in the meantime, the laundry is pilling up

- Your truck is seriously going to blow up if you don't change the oil soon

Sound about right? All our weeks are different and crazy. But how about the simple idea of doing one little kind gesture for another human once a week? Not every day but once a week! That's doable right? 

Perhaps more time tasking acts of kindness can be worked in, like a mission trip, volunteering for a couple days at your local soup kitchen, mowing an elderly person's lawn or planning a surprise birthday party for a friend. 

Now, back to your skill set and talents. 

How can you apply those skills to help make this world better? So, my challenge to you is take a moment today and think of one simple way to really make an impact. Even the smallest of gestures make a huge difference. 

Doctors: Offer up your service or advice to someone you know is really sick, even though you know they can't pay for it. Teachers: Tudor a struggling kid for free because you know they are capable! Photographers: give your work away to a cause you really believe in! Lawyers: invest in a young law student and help them learn the ropes. Janitors: offer to help a friend in need when you normally would say you're too tired. 

Fill in your blank. Fill up your fell good tank. Yes, helping others does return the favor, too. There's nothing wrong about feeling good about doing good. Remember...someone may return the favor one day. 

The photographs in this post are a few examples of my photographs for Room in the Inn - Nashville, TN. A local homeless ministry that partners with several local churches in the area. 

Thanks for reading.