Meeting client's needs and charging for it.

Afternoon everyone! 

When you meet and exceed a client's needs, they take notice. 

A client called, recently, to say thank you for going above and beyond those needs. The call was pleasant and a nice surprise.

But the best part of the call came at the end. He said, "Before we hang up, I'd also like to thank you for not being the cheapest." Hmm, that I didn't expect.

In the business of photography and video production, bids are often won by the cheapest, not the most qualified and sometimes the first to call the client back. That's not always the case, though (example personified). 

He went on to explain that he's been burned a lot by the "cheapest" and they're inability to deliver a quality product, then he simply said, "see you next time". 

For the jobs I do not win or receive, a call like the above always reminds me to stay true to my value.