Photographer with a motion education, Christ follower, Husband, Dad, Son, Brother and Friend.  

My style of photography is simple, yet complex at the same time. I'm a big believer of getting the shot right in camera first and foremost. Depending on the job needs, I'm welding a Sony A7RIII around the studio.

The beauty of architecture with its lines, curves, shadows and craftsmanship will always intrigue me. Therefore I shoot architecture whenever possible. 

The technical difficulty of capturing a small skin care product or a perfectly baked pie keeps my skills sharp, as well.

Whether creating a dramatic portrait for an actor, a perfectly lit model's curves or a CEO's headshot on seamless, the human subject demands attention in my work. I love people and working with them in the photographic sense, almost seems too good to be true. 

And finally, I love creating and giving to my community whenever I can. 

Recent Client Experience

Conde Nast, JD Power, Architectural Digest, JP Morgan, Hall & Emery, Word Entertainment, Maxton Productions, Sportsman Outdoors, LifeView Outdoors, OAK Nashville, numerous colleges/universities, food/product companies, healthcare and many more. I love the diversity of my clientele. From worldwide corporations, large local companies and even mom & pop shops to individual models, actors, singers, I've experienced each one. 

Please fill out my contact page if you wish to collaborate and schedule a meeting. 

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